Belle Âme

Health And Beauty Boutique​​

5003, 50th Street
Olds AB

(403) 506-8596

Beautiful Mind . Beautiful Body . Beautiful Soul

Everything Healthy, Beautiful, and Sensual
for Body, Mind and Spirit

Our Aim

We are devoted to the realization and embrace of ones total Health, Wellness and Beauty, Life Passions and Sacred Spirituality. We accomplish this through the rich use of ;

**Reiki and Shamballa Energy Medicine,
**Ancient Traditional Healing Massage Techniques,
**Beauty of the skin with natural hair removal through the use of sugar formulations, and all natural handmade lotions, serums, elixirs and essential oils for skin health, and overall total wellness.
** The utilization of nutrition and herbal formulations to give the body the nourishment and health it needs to live a full energetic and blessed life!
**Information Workshops on all aspects of Health and Wellness, body, mind and spirit!
 Let us help you find just what you need for your journey into total mind and body  wellness. 

Our Philosophy

*You are exactly what you need! 
*You have all you need to start putting things right, right NOW, in this moment!
*Treat yourself well, and take the time to get pampered, and do the things to make your body healthy so that you are at your best to live the best life possible!
*Be authentic and let others love you for who you truly are!
*You are enough!
*You are beautiful! 
*Total  Health and  Happiness are your Birthright!
*Love and accept yourself and the rest will follow!
*The Time Is Now!!!!
**This is a time of truth and transparency, and all things will be revealed as they need to be. 
**Take what information resonates with your heart, mind and body and leave the rest!

Healthy Choices
Home and Giftware

Beautifying Treatments

Healthy Body Products, Edibles and Smoothies

Enhancing Whole Body, Home and Sensual Health and Beauty

*Traditional Relaxation Massage Practices including;
Ayurvedic Indian Head Massage and Raindrop Essential Oils Massage

 *Reiki and Shamballa
Multi-Dimensional Energy Medicine

*Professional Body Sugaring

*Ayurvedic Facials

*Brow Tinting

*Infrared Sauna
* Smoothies and Elixirs for
Healing and Nutrition.

*Classes on Wholistic Health,
 Well-being and Self Care

*The Most Sensual and Luxe
Natural Body Oils and Products
        *Essential Oils and Blends        
      *Chocolates and Elixers and more                   Aphrodisiac Edibles            

*Wellness and Super-food

*Ayurvedic Health Products

*Remineralizing Tooth Powders!

*Unique Jewellery

*Giftware for Body and Home

*Paintings and unique one of a kind decorative items and accessories

*Beautiful scents and whimsical
fancies for your sensual,
beautiful self!